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Company Factsheet    Game Factsheet

Facts about Wolfs Gamelab

Company Name
Marius Wolf Softwareentwicklung

Company Label
Wolfs Gamelab

Company Location
Bergisch Gladbach, Germany

Founding Date
Dec. 2016


Contact Mail

Social Media Channels:

Candyverse (Feb. 14. 2017)
Candyfly (Apr. 1. 2017)
Bubble Keep (Dec. 24. 2017)

And now to the game: Bubble Keep

Game Title
Bubble Keep

Game Subtitle
Don't touch the fish


Release Date
Dec. 24 2017

Android (iOS Version planned for Q3 2018)


Free to Play (Ad-Supported)
Adfree Upgrade per In-App-Purchase (1,49€)

A growing Soap Bubble (hard to keep alive)
Fish (very dangerous, do not touch)
Buffs (remove fish or shrink bubble)
Google Play Games Integration (Leaderboards and Achievements)
Endless Supply of Bubbles (very important!)

Download Link

Bubble Keep is a high concentration arcade game. The player has control over a soap bubble and is free to move it around in an comic underwater world. Fish enter the screen from both sides and the bubble has to avoid them to survive. Touching a fish inevitably leads to popping of the bubble and therefore to the end of the round. This gets harder over the time, because the bubble grows slowly, making it complicated to navigate between the fishes. There are coins dropping the the water. This coins can be collected before they disappear on the bottom of the screen.

Goal of the game
Survive as long as possible and collect as many coins as possible. For every ten secons of survival there will be a coin added in the end of the round. There are two leaderboards within Google Play Games: Most collected coins and longest survival time. On both leaderboards the player can compete with either his Google Play Games friends - or everyone.

Two Buffs
There is a goldfish and a silverfish - those are buffs: the silverfish shrinks the bubble back to the original size. The goldfish renders the bubble indistructible for a few seconds and allows to hunt down the fishes to free the space.


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