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Candyfly is our second smartwatch-game. It’s a flappy-bird style game with alien-sprites that are already known from our first game Candyverse.

Whats Candyfly about?

In Candyfly you play an alien flying in a tiny ufo and you are hunting for candy. By tapping your watchscreen, you give the alien a short boost up, if you don’t tab, it slowly falls down.

There are 5 levels and 5 players avaliable – but only in the full-version. But there are 2 of each in the Candyfly free edition.

Whats the goal of the game?

Survival! But not only survival but also grabbing candy. The game does not get faster, but it is still pretty hard to master, because of the randomly generated levels.

What was the intention?

Right after the launch of our very first game Candyverse, we had the idea to create a game based on the same graphics style and the same size – smartwatch-size.

The engine of the game

The game is created without an engine (mainly because there are no suitable game engines available working on Android Wear.


Cave level of Candyfly Ice level of Candyfly Levelselector of Candyfly Playerselector of Candyfly Space level of Candyfly Underwater level of Candyfly* Yes, the aliens are cool enough to make fire underwater!

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